Service Overview

As a member of InterNACHI, we adhere to a strong ethical code. Buying a house is one of the biggest investments that most people make, it’s also where you and your family will live.Correct Inspect offers you peace of mind. Our specially trained inspectors, with years of expertise will take the guess work out of the purchase of your investment.

Estate Agents

  • Demonstrate to your clients that their faith in you is justified by referring them to Correct Inspect, who’s training and professionalism will deliver the information they need to make an informed buying decision
  • The Consumer Protection Act suggests that estate agents will no longer be protected from the protection of non-disclosure (voetstoots clause), protect yourself by providing a detailed property report from Correct Inspect
  •  Maintain and even grow your customer base by reducing the number of unsatisfied customers

Home Buyers

  • Don’t buy a “Money-Pit”
  • Accurately budget repair and maintenance costs before you commit
  • Make an informed buying decision
  • Avoid unforeseen costly repairs and legal disputes
  • Use your report as a guide to your new home (for preventative maintenance and eg. location of water mains shut off valve)

Home Sellers

  • Consumer Protection Act – Avoid costly legal battles and stay on the right side of the Act
  • Address any problems or defects before buyers discover them, and have time to obtain reasonable repair quotes
  • Avoid 11th hour negotiations and justify asking your full price
  • Show prospective buyers you are dealing in good faith

Out of Town/International Buyers

  •  A comprehensive report is produced as well as,an optional short description of the suburb (distances to amenities and CBD’s, crime report, etc)

Companies Relocating Staff

  • A comprehensive report is produced as well as, an optional short description of the suburb (distances to amenities and CBD’s, crime report, etc)

Arbitrators (for Dispute Resolution)

  • Reports are professional and unbiased and are suitable for use in dispute resolution.